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Grad Thesis Printing

The GRO is introducing a new economical printing service for graduate students. This service is open to Homewood Ph.D. or Masters students who are printing their final thesis to be submitted to the library. The printer is located in the GRO office (115-C Levering Hall).

  • We offer Hammermill LaserPrint 24 lb, 98 brightness, acid-free paper. This paper is of a thickness and quality in line with the guidelines of the JHU Libraries Commercial Binding Office (CBO).
  • You can alternatively choose to bring and use your own paper for printing.
  • The printer is Black and White only. You will have to print color pages, if any, separately.
  • Charges will be based on the difference of page counts before and after your session.

Please contact Manu Madhav (manusmadjhuedu) for more details, or to schedule a time where you can access the GRO office.


  • We accept cash only, and charges will be rounded up to the next highest dollar (e.g. 17.54 --> 18)
  • With paper      : 4 cents / page
  • Without paper : 2 cents / page
  • Paper only (for those who want extra for color pages) : 2 cents / sheet