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GRO Grad News

The Grad News is published monthly during the academic year by the GRO. Each issue usually includes a variety of pieces, including stories on changes in university policy affecting graduate students and important upcoming events, opportunities, and deadlines. Each issue also features reviews of restaurants and movies and highlights things going on around campus and around Baltimore.

We're always looking for submissions of any kind:

  • Is there something you'd like to get off your chest or something great you'd like to tell the rest of the campus? Let us know!
  • Do you want the GRO to buy you stuff? The GRO is able to reimburse you for restaurants (up to $40), movies, albums, books, etc. (up to $20) -- provided you write a review.
  • Are you part of a GRO-recognized club or organization? Write an article describing your group for free advertising.
  • If you have something to contribute to The Grad News, please contact the editor at gradnews (at) jhu (dot) edu.