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Announcement Guidelines

If you're familiar with the guidelines, click here

In an effort to reduce email clutter, and to better serve our groups and clubs, the GRO is changing the way it manages group announcements. Here is the summary of the changes:

  • Groups will now be able to submit announcements across all of the GRO's advertisement tools
    • The GRO homepage "Announcements" section
    • The new GRO-Sponsored calendar, which will collect all events from GRO-recognized groups
    • The Monday morning coffee hour email
  • The GRO will NOT email individual group announcements to the listserv. The only emailed announcements will be once per week, in the Monday morning Coffee Hour email.

We believe these changes will allow groups to reach the graduate community with more ease, as fewer GRO emails means fewer redirects to people's spam filters. The goal of the coffee hour emails will be similar to the daily emailing of JHU's "Today's Announcements," where advertisements consist of 2-3 lines and a link to a group website or hosted doc/pdf flyer.

Coffee Hour Email

The GRO will continue to send out the Monday morning Coffee Hour email, but will now include a summary of announcements for the entire week, Monday through Sunday. If you would like to get your announcement in the Coffee Hour email, you will need to submit your announcement before 5pm on Sunday night. If you submit your announcement after that time, we cannot guarantee it will be added to the Monday Coffee Hour email. However, it will be added to the GRO-Sponsored calendar (if it is an event) and to the GRO homepage, regardless of when the announcement was submitted.

GRO-Sponsored Calendar

The GRO has added a new calendar to its website called GRO-Sponsored, which lists all events submitted by GRO-recognized groups, as well as other events that may be of interest to grads (added at the discretion of the GRO Chairs). The calendar is separate from the GRO-Official calendar, which only contains Executive Board and General Council meetings, Happy Hours, Coffee Hours, and other GRO-organized events. If you are a GRO-recognized group and would like to add an event to our calendar, please select the "Event for calendar" choice on the announcement submission form below. Events submitted by GRO groups with a valid password will automatically be added to the calendar, and to the next available coffee hour email. The website is updated regularly to reflect new events that have been added.

Announcement Form Information

Given the large number of groups that have access to group websites, Google Groups and Sites, and Dropbox, the GRO is not hosting files for individual groups. Therefore, groups should familiarize themselves with how to post a PDF, PPT, or DOC to a hosting website. Check out the information below for more details.

Posting your flyer online using Google Drive

If you have a Google account, you can save PDF, PPT, and DOC files in your Google Drive. If you have a document (such as an event flyer) that you want others to see through a URL, here's what you do:

  • Login to using your personal or group account
  • Click on the red "Upload" button next to "Create" to upload your flyer
  • Once the file is uploaded, select the document from your documents list by marking the checkbox to the left of the filename
  • Click on the "More" button that sits on top of your documents list. Select "Share..." from the options, and then "Share..." from that submenu
  • In the window that opens, you can change the document sharing settings under "Who has access" by clicking on "Change..."
  • Change your settings to "Anyone with the link" will allow anyone with the link to view that file. Once you have changed that setting, make sure you set the "Access" value just below to "Can view." This setting will ensure that only you retain control of modifying the document.
  • Click "Save" and copy the highlighted link. You can paste this link into the "Link to flyer" text box in the announcement submission form.

Posting your flyer online using Dropbox

If you have a Dropbox account, you can easily share a flyer for your event. Follow these instructions

  • Login to using your personal or group account
  • Upload or transfer a file to your "Public" folder
  • Once it's in the public folder, select the file by clicking to the right of the filename. A menu bar will appear at the top of the document list, where you can click "Copy public link."
  • Copy the highlighted link that appears in the dialog box. You can paste this link into the "Link to flyer" text box in the announcement submission form.

Notes on links

  • If you're using Dropbox, remember that if you change the name of the file you've made public, the link name will change as well. For this reason, do NOT make edits to the document after you've submitted your link for an announcement, as it may become a dead link.
  • You may consider shortening the link that you get from Google or Dropbox, as they are fairly long. Consider using to shorten the URL. People reading your ads will appreciate the 5 seconds of time it takes to shorten the link.
  • The GRO moderates announcements sent via its Calendars, emails, and webpage. Any announcement that violates the GRO's guidelines may be removed at the Chairs' discretion.

Questions about Announcements

If you need assistance setting up a group website or file hosting service, do not hesitate to contact us. We can direct you to the right resources on campus for setting up a * website, or help with a Google Group or Site, or a Dropbox account. Any question about the submission process, or technical issues with your group password or the announcement form should be directed to the Communications Chair at

Submit an announcement

Please follow this link to submit an announcement to the GRO Coffee Hour email, homepage, and GRO calendar.